Epigenetic Correlates of Adolescent Depression

Izabela Milaniak, University of Pennsylvania
12:00-1:30 PM Wednesday September 26th
Center for the Economics of Human Development Room 180

Abstract: Using data from over 1000 adolescents in a longitudinal birth cohort study (the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children; ALSPAC), we aim to identify epigenetic correlates of depression trajectories in adolescence and test whether stressful life events experienced at sensitive periods in development (in utero and in adolescence) are related to epigenetic modifications. Consequently, we will explore whether these stressful life events confer risk for depression via these epigenetic modifications. Findings from this study would provide pilot data for a bigger application to test hypotheses about the interplay of epigenetic factors and stressful life events in producing sex differences in depression in adolescence, using ecological momentary assessment of adolescents’ experiences to better understand within-person change in experiences, DNA methylation, and depression symptomatology.

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