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February 9-10 2018

Measuring and Assessing Skills: Real-Time Measurement of Cognition, Personality, and Behavior

This conference brings together a group of leading scholars developing the next generation of measurements of cognition, personality, and behavior. This body of scholarship has multiple goals, all of which will be addressed. Learn more

March 3-4 2017

Conference on Measuring and Assessing Skills 2017

This conference assembles leading economists, education experts, psychologists, neuroscientists, and measurement specialists to examine and evaluate alternative approaches to the measurement of skills. Learn more

December 8-9 2016

Conference on Genetics and Social Science

This conference will be the next installment in the conference series of the Research Network on the Determinants of Life Course Capabilities and Outcomes, and will be hosted at The USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics. Learn more

December 6 2016

A Proposed Early Childhood Randomized Study in Hong Kong

Richard Wong, University of Hong Kong

This presentation looked at a randomized control study on family-based and internet-based interventions in Hong Kong with background on the rise of single parent families.


Visiting dates: January 16 – July 1, 2018

Victor Ronda is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Aarhus University and a researcher at the TrygFonden’s Centre for Child Research. Victor has broad interests in labor economics, health economics and child development. His current research includes work on the interplay between genetic endowments and childhood environment in human capital formation, the role of teachers in the development of children’s cognitive and emotional skills, and on the mixed-returns of emotional skills in determining later-life outcomes.

Visiting dates: October 30 - November 24 2017

Stefanie Schurer is an Associate Professor (with tenure) in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney. Her research interest is in the Economics of Human Development. Most of her current projects explore the evolution of skills, preferences, and health over the lifecourse and the role that parents and the public sector play in determining these skills. One of her main work hypotheses is that inequality in the home environment - that is scarcity of good parenting - is a powerful determinant of the intergenerational persistence of disadvantage.

Visiting dates: December 6 2016

Richard Wong is founding Director of the Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research (1987-) and the Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy (1999-); a recipient of the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award for his work in advancing economic research on policy issues in Hong Kong; and principal investigator of the Area of Excellence Grant in economic policy and business strategy awarded by the University Grants Committee in 1999.