Professor Heckman's Major Lectures

Professor Heckman has given over 125 major lectures worldwide and has spoken at the White House, the Bank of Mexico, the Great Hall of the People (Beijing, China), and at events such as the Clinton Global Initiative and the World Justice Forum. His research findings are disseminated to academics, policymakers, and the general public through many channels. (You can sign up here for regular updates about advocacy materials through the HeckmanEquation project, or here for regular digests about our research findings.)

International Collaborations

Multidisciplinary Research Projects Across the Globe

Multidisciplinary research projects across the globe are underway with geneticists, neuroscientists, primatologists, psychologists, and sociologists. These projects span Brazil, China, Colombia, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, and Peru. Many of these projects involve evaluations of an array of early childhood interventions—from investments that train parents, nutritional supplements for rural children, replications of high quality programs, and sustained access to health care.


International Student Placement

Professor Heckman has trained over 65 students currently working in top research and policy positions in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Notable students include Thomas MaCurdy (Stanford), Bo Honore (Princeton), and Flavio Cunha (Rice).