Student Research Assistant Application Form

To be considered for an Undergraduate Research Assistant or Graduate Research Assistant position at the Center for the Economics of Human Development, please provide the following information using this form:

1. Curriculum Vitae or resume, including research experience and other relevant experience. Please also include your year in school, your expected date of graduation, and your cumulative GPA.

2. Transcripts, including all relevant Economics and Statistics classes taken, semester taken, and the grade received for each (including classes in progress). Relevant coursework in other areas may be included.

* Note: an unofficial transcript is acceptable, there is no need to acquire an official copy from your institution(s).

3. If you are claiming software proficiency, please include a sample code, developed by you, that shows your programming skills. You should be able to understand your code thoroughly and be able to explain it.

4. A BRIEF (1-2 paragraph) research statement, addressing the following:

  • What are your career goals?
  • Why do you want to assist with our research?
  • What could be your main contribution?
  • What do you find academically interesting about our research?

We also request that you submit contact information for one academic reference (professors, teaching assistants, graduate students, etc) who could comment positive on your abilities.

*Note: Please use the “Other commitments/activites” field to comment on other commitments in which you may be engaged during the current and upcoming quarters, the flexibility of your hours, and any anticipated long-term vacations or other absences. The Center operates year-round, and employees are expected to continue contributions over academic breaks and summer quarter.

For questions or additional employment information, please email

Please email application materials to

DO NOT send emails to Professor Heckman directly.