Frontiers in Economic Analysis with Genetic Data

November 18th-19th, 2021

The conference on Frontiers in Economic Analysis with Genetic Data will take place on Thursday, November 18th and Friday, November 19th, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The conference will bring together economists interested in the potential for genetic data to contribute to broad, long-standing questions in economics.

The two-day conference is hosted by BRIDGE (BRInging Data on Genetics to Economics) and sponsored by the Center for Demography of Health and Aging (CDHA) at UW-Madison, the Center for the Economics of Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Chicago, and the National Institute on Aging as the funder of the Research Network on the Determinants of Life Course Capabilities and Outcomes.

For more information, visit the main event page on CDHA’s website.

Conference Organizers

Jason Fletcher

CDHA Director, UW–Madison

Nicholas Papageorge

Johns Hopkins University

Victor Ronda

Center for the Economics of Human Development

Lauren Schmitz


Kevin Thom

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Sessions & Videos

Human Capital: Gene x Environment

Robel Alemu

Tufts University

Norma Coe

University of Pennsylvania

Titus Galama

University of Southern California

Gene-Environment Interaction Effects of Cigarette Taxes on Smoking Behavior and Health Conditions of Older Adults in the United States
Robel Alemu, Tufts University

Sources of Inequality at Birth: The Interplay Between Genes and Parental Socioeconomic Status
Titus Galama, University of Southern California

Life Cycle Behaviors I

Leandro Carvalho

University of Southern California

George-Levi Gayle

Washington University in St. Louis

Mateo Velásquez-Giraldo

Johns Hopkins University

Genetic Endowments, Income Dynamics, and Wealth Accumulation Over the Lifecycle
Mateo Velásquez-Giraldo, Johns Hopkins University
Discussant: George-Levi Gayle, Washington University in St. Louis

Human Capital: Nature and Nurture

Orazio Attanasio

Yale University

Jonathan Beauchamp

George Mason University

Victor Ronda

Center for the Economics of Human Development

The Nurture of Nature and the Nature of Nurture: How Genes and Investments Interact in the Formation of Skills
Victor Ronda, The University of Chicago
Discussant: Orazio Attanasio, Yale University

Nature and Nurture: Evidence from Molecular Genetics Data in Korean American Adoptees
Jonathan Beauchamp, George Mason University
Discussant: Orazio Attanasio, Yale University

Lifecycle Behaviors II

Richard Sias

University of Arizona

Silvia H. Barcellos

University of Southern California

Matthew Wiswall

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Basit Zafar

University of Michigan

Molecular Genetics, Risk Aversion, Return Perceptions, and Stock Market Participation
Richard Sias, University of Arizona
Discussant: Basit Zafar, University of Michigan

The Effect of Education on the Relationship between Genetics, Early-Life Disadvantages, and Later-Life SES
Silvia Barcellos, University of Southern California
Discussant: Matthew Wiswall, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Intergenerational Examinations

Joseph Ferrie

Northwestern University

Bhash Mazumder

Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Aldo Rustichini

University of Minnesota

Selection in Ancient DNA
Aldo Rustichini, University of Minnesota

Next Frontiers

Daniel Benjamin

University of California, Los Angeles

David Cesarini

New York University

Lauren Schmitz


Patrick Turley

University of Southern California


Frontiers in Within-Family Analysis
Daniel Benjamin, University of California, Los Angeles

Challenges and Directions in Genomics Research Using Diverse-Ancestry Samples
Patrick Turley, University of Southern California