Frontiers in Economic Analysis with Genetic Data

March 10-11, 2023

Frontiers in Economic Analysis with Genetic Data is a conference organized by BRIDGE (BRInging Data on Genetics to Economics) and sponsored by the Center for the Economics of Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Chicago, and the National Institute on Aging as the funder of the Research Network on the Determinants of Life Course Capabilities and Outcomes. Genetic data are becoming commonly available in many social science datasets. These data open new avenues for economists to explore long-standing questions related to intergenerational linkages, factors that shape health and human capital outcomes, and heterogeneous responses to policy change, among others. Our organization has several objectives. First, we hope to introduce genetic data and methods from statistical genetics to economists not already familiar with these topics.  Second, by highlighting cutting-edge applications, we want to explore the potential for genetic data to enable progress in the study of core questions in applied economics.  Finally, by putting statistical geneticists and genoeconomists in conversation with a broad range of economists, we seek to understand how the tools of economics can be used to better understand and interpret molecular genetic findings.

Conference Organizers

Jason Fletcher

CDHA Director, UW–Madison

Mikkel Houmark

Aarhus University

Nicholas Papageorge

Johns Hopkins University

Lauren Schmitz


Kevin Thom

University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Sessions & Videos

Introduction to Molecular Genetics and Polygenic Prediction

James Lee

University of Minnesota


Introduction to Molecular Genetics and Polygenic Prediction
James Lee, University of Minnesota

Applications Session 1: Genetic Correlations In The Family

John Cawley

Cornell University

Bhash Mazumder

Chicago Fed

Pierre-Andre Chiappori

Columbia University

Aloysius Siow

University of Toronto


Genetic Nurture in Educational Attainment
John Cawley, Cornell University
Discussant: Bhash Mazumder, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Trading Social Status for Genetics in Marriage Markets: Evidence from UK Biobank
Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Columbia University
Discussant: Aloysius Siow, University of Toronto

Aplications Session 2: Genetic Endowments And Human Capital Accumulation

Paul Hufe

University of Bristol

Chao Fu

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Dilnoza Muslimova

Erasmus University

Francesco Agostinelli

University of Pennsylvania


Genetic Endowments, Educational Outcomes, and the Mediating Influence of School Quality
Paul Hufe, University of Bristol
Discussant: Chao Fu, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Nature-Nurture Interplay in Educational Attainment
Dilnoza Muslimova, Erasmus University
Discussant: Francesco Agostinelli, University of Pennsylvania

Featured Panel: Econometrics Of Polygenic Prediction

James Lee

University of Minnesota

Qiongshi Lu

University of Wisconsin–Madison

John Rust

Georgetown University

Ben Williams

George Washington University


Panel I: Econometrics of Polygenic Prediction
James Lee, University of Minnesota
Discussant: Qiongshi Lu, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Panel II: Econometrics of Polygenic Prediction
John Rust, Georgetown University
Discussant: Ben Williams, George Washington University

Student / Postdoc Short Talks

Kadeem Noray

Harvard University

Shubhashrita Basu

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Yeongmi Jeong

University of Georgia

Jiacheng Miao

University of Wisconsin–Madison


Student / Postdoc Short Talks I
Kadeem Noray, Harvard University
Shubhashrita Basu, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Student / Postdoc Short Talks II
Yeongmi Jeong, University of Georgia
Jiacheng Miao, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Applications Session 3: Genetic Endowments And Health Outcomes Over The Life-cycle

Lauren Schmitz

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Hannes Schwandt

Northwestern University

Pietro Biroli

University of Bologna

Dan Sacks

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Nick Papageorge

Johns Hopkins University

Rong Hai

University of Miami

Genome-Wide Summary Measures of Genetic Risk Reveal Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in a Randomized Control Trial of Smoking Cessation
Lauren Schmitz, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Discussant: Hannes Schwandt, Northwestern University

Moral Hazard Heterogeneity: Genes and Insurance Influence Smoking after a Health Shock
Pietro Biroli, University of Bologna
Discussant: Dan Sacks, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Genetic Endowments, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Economic Outcomes
Nick Papageorge, Johns Hopkins University
Discussant: Rong Hai, University of Miami