Home Visiting

December 7, 2022

UChicago Economics Center Partners with Casa Central to Support Chicago Families

CHICAGO ā€” The University of Chicagoā€™s Center for the Economics of Human Development (CEHD) has selected Casa Central as its community partner in an ambitious home visiting program that will support Chicago families. The program aims to strengthen parentsā€™ capacity to support their childā€™s early learning and skill developmentā€”the foundation for success in life. Together, CEHD and Casa Central are partnering with Irish program Preparing for Life (PFL) to adapt and implement its proven Dublin-based home visiting program in Chicago. The new Chicago Home Visiting Partnership Project will provide comprehensive supportā€”including prenatal education, evidence-based parenting programs and case managementā€”from pregnancy until age five. Casa Central will take the lead in serving families with home visitors trained in the PFL model. PFL will provide ongoing consultation, while CEHD researchers will evaluate outcomes to gain a better understanding of which supports and services most effectively promote healthy child development. CEHD is directed by James J. Heckman, a Nobel prize-winning economist who has studied the impact of early childhood interventions for decades. Casa Centralā€™s commitment to serving Chicago communities and transforming lives dates back to 1954. The organization provides comprehensive, well-regarded community services, including early education and support for families. After a multi-step selection process, Casa Central was selected from a pool of 18 potential partners. ā€œWe are delighted to be working with Casa Central. Their mission, vision, and community- and family- centric approach aligns so well with our aims. This new initiative will make a difference in the lives of Chicago children [ā€¦]