December 30, 2016

James Heckman on the Relationship Between Intelligence and Success

The relationship between intelligence and success is the subject of a recent working paper by HCEO Co-director James Heckman, IP network member Bart Golsteyn, MIP network member John Eric Humphries, and Lex Borghans. Professor Heckman told Bloomberg View that IQ is not a major determinant in a child’s future success. Only about 1 or 2 percent of income differences can be tied to IQ, the article notes.
February 9, 2017

James Heckman and J.B. Pritzker on Combining Quality Child Care with Preschool

In an op-ed for The Hill, Prof. James Heckman and J.B. Pritzker write about the importance of combining early childhood education with greater access to preschool in order to promote social mobility across generations. Heckman and Pritzker urge the new administration to make child care more affordable by subsidizing quality early childhood education from birth to age three and then expanding access to quality preschool starting at age four.